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Top 3 Features and Elements Modern Awnings Have to Offer

From the design and construction to the choice of fabric, there is so much to consider when choosing awnings. Thanks to product technology advancements, the awnings on the market today come with some exciting features, which serve to improve both aesthetics and functionality.

Whether for your residential or commercial property, here are some of the features and elements to consider when choosing awnings for your remodel project.

Automatic Operation

These awnings are fitted with weather sensors and will open and close depending on the weather conditions. The covers will open and close accordingly, protecting themselves and, of course, the spaces they cover from the sun, wind and rain.

Combined with motorised operation, these awnings offer great convenience. You don't have to worry about rushing to roll up or down your awnings when the weather conditions change.

Superior Materials

Traditional awning materials include metal, canvas, cotton, polyester and fibreglass. Each of these materials has its pros, such as metal being strong and durable, while fibreglass is inexpensive. There are also cons to each, such as canvas' tendency to sag if not properly stretched, and metal awnings being more susceptible to dents.

Enter the new kid on the block: acrylic fibre. This material has several great properties, including being lightweight, having excellent heat insulation properties, and being impervious to the weather. The fabric is also easy to clean and maintain and is highly resistant to the growth of mould and mildew. Solution-dyed acrylic fibre awnings also have great colours, and with some added UV-resistance, you can look forward to the colour not fading away fast.

Protective Casings

Awnings provide protection from the elements. Investing in a protective casing ensures that you protect the awnings themselves when not in use. By so doing, you will ensure that your awnings remain looking and functioning their best for a long time.

Some of the excellent features of these protective casings include a coating that keeps away moisture, dust and any debris while the awning is not in use. The water-resistant coating, in combination with mesh air vents on the casing, ensure to keep away moisture from your awnings, which helps to avoid the growth of mould and mildew.

The use of superior materials in the construction of awnings ensures that you get the best performance during operation. With weather sensors, automatic operation is a reality that comes with so much convenience. When not in use, cover your awnings in a protective casing to preserve their good condition.

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