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Why Laminate Is a Better Benchtop Material Than You Realise

Kitchen benchtops have to be durable and beautiful — not an easy combination when you don't have a lot of money to spend. The longtime choice of laminate for benchtops has fallen out of favour in the past couple of decades as materials like natural stone and synthetic solid benchtops have become easier to find and afford. But don't count laminate out yet. It's still a strong contender and has gotten even better over the years. 

It's Very Affordable

Laminate's biggest advantage is that it's one of the most affordable benchtop materials. If you've got a small budget for your kitchen remodel project, laminate is going to give you more breathing room than you'd get with another material. It's easy to find and doesn't take long to install, although the size of your kitchen and the amount of benchtop space obviously affects how long it will really take to install it in your home.

You Can Find Almost Any Pattern or Colour

Laminate can be made with just about any colour and can be plain or have a pattern. Many of these patterns mimic natural stone, wood, and more. You get the best of both worlds, really, because you have this affordable material that you can make look like any other benchtop material. And if you get tired of the laminate colour or pattern a few years from now, it's much easier to change out. Laminate is durable when it's installed correctly, so ensure that the people installing the benchtop are professionals with experience.

It Comes in Stain- and Scratch-Resistant Varieties

Yes, it's true! There's a high-pressure laminate now that resists stains and scratches. Obviously, if you press down hard enough, you can scratch it, but the average nicks and swipes that might make regular laminate look bad aren't as successful with high-pressure laminate. You'll still need to put hot pans on trivets, but those are easy to find and come in many decorative styles. High-pressure laminate is still affordable and versatile, so if the only reason you weren't looking at laminate before was that it could stain easily, here's a new option that could be the best material for your kitchen benchtop.

Look at samples of laminate or high-pressure laminate in galleries and catalogues, and speak with sellers about improvements in high-pressure laminate's durability. Take your time and find the colour and pattern that match your home's style for a harmonious and visually pleasing kitchen.

Reach out to a company that supplies kitchen benchtops for more info.

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