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Two-Toned Ideas for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Incorporating custom cabinets into your kitchen design will make the room unique and personal. One way to add to the interest is to install two-toned kitchen cabinetry. That way, you can contrast colours and textures for an individual design. But it's tricky to decide on the combinations. Here are some ideas that may suit your home.

Timber and White

One option is to combine timber and white cupboard doors. The woody grains add texture to the room, contrasting against the smooth white finish of the other cabinets. You'll also create a contrast of colour. To give the illusion of a bigger kitchen, use the white doors for the upper cabinetry.

Timber cupboards are versatile as they come in many shades, from pale blonde woods to dark walnuts, and timber suits diverse kitchen styles. This allows you to easily make over the kitchen in the future by changing the white cupboards to green or blue, for instance.

Black and White

Another classic combination is black and white cabinetry. Often, black matte is reserved for the bottom and white for the upper doors to maintain a sense of airiness. But you can blend these two shades in other ways. For example, use white for all the wall cabinetry and keep the black for a striking kitchen island. Install some black upper cupboards in a predominantly white room if you want to create drama. You can also play with this classic colour combo by installing contemporary flooring like polished concrete.


Another way to combine two colours is to stick with one hue but use varying shades. For example, you could combine charcoal with pale grey. Grey comes in a wide range of shades with different undertones, so you'll have a lot of choices. You can also combine a matte and shine finish for more interest. For example, using the polish on the dark grey will add a sense of dimension. Grey is also the perfect foil for other brighter colours, such as orange.


Navy cupboards give a classic look to a kitchen, and it's easy for cabinet makers to add cupboards in a second colour. For example, add some selected pink doors or install a pink kitchen island. Pale grey and cream blend harmoniously with navy, offering a light versus dark theme. Or you could pair it with pale blue cabinetry. Navy blends with many colours and complements timber, giving you open-ended choices. Use the same handles across all cupboards, or fit handleless models, to create a consistent look.

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