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Renovating Your Bathroom to Appear Bigger

A bathroom that feels spacious is appealing. Even though your space may be compact, you can renovate it to give the impression of bigger proportions. Here's how.


To make a room appear bigger, eliminate as much visual clutter as possible. One approach is to install large tiles which will create fewer joint lines. You could lay square 40x40cm floor tiles, for instance. You can also arrange rectangular wall tiles to make the ceiling seem taller. Just place them with the long sides facing upwards. You could opt for large wall tiles, 40x25cms, for instance. Repeating a measurement on the wall and floor tiles bring cohesion to the design.

Natural Light

A room flooded with natural light feels larger. Consider whether you can use this to your advantage. Maybe you could construct a vast window in the room. Frosted or stained glass will create a stunning focal point. Or else. use clear glass if the window faces a private courtyard.

Another option is a skylight that you can open to improve airflow, reducing humidity and mould in the bathroom. If your roof structure doesn't allow for a standard skylight, you may be able to fit a sun tunnel instead. These openings have a dome on the roof, a long narrow tube, and a ceiling diffuser. They can cater to varied architecture, as the tunnel can turn corners and travel for relatively long distances.

Large Mirrors

A generous mirror will also give a feeling of more space as you feel you can see past the opaque wall they sit on. An expansive mirror across an entire wall will amplify the effect. Alternatively, fit a couple of smaller mirrors. A simple frame will keep visual detail unobtrusive.

Floating Vanity

If you can see more of the floor area in a bathroom, it will feel larger. You can achieve this by fitting a floating vanity that attaches to the wall and lets your eye wander underneath. If the vanity reaches the floor, it effectively brings the wall forward. Additionally, choose a shallow design that protrudes a minimal amount, and has clean, simple lines. For instance, opt for flat, handless doors during bathroom renovations.


All bathrooms need heating, but you can make yours invisible with under-tile heating. These systems have warming coils that are beneath across the subfloor, heating every centimetre. Another possibility is a wall-mounted heater. You could add to the comforting warmth and keep your towels dry with mounted heated towel racks.

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