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Three Points To Remember When Preparing For An Interstate Move

Moving house is listed as one of life's most stressful moments, but when you are moving interstate, that stress can stretch out and last for up to a week as your belongings are transported between homes. No matter whether a pandemic is taking place or not, careful planning is key to making sure long-distance moves cause the minimum amount of disruption to you and your family. Here are three important points to think about when you are preparing for your move between Australian states and territories.

Consider Backloading

There are two main factors which influence which interstate removalist is chosen, and these are their reputation and their price. One way to make a difference in the cost of your move is to choose a company that is situated at the location you are moving to rather than at the location you are moving from. The reason why this makes a difference is because of backloading. Backloading is when a moving company offers a reduced price for a truck returning to its base location because it is better to have a reduced-price load rather than an empty truck. This works in your favour because the cost of the move is less. The downside of backloading is that you may not get the exact move date you want because you need to align your move with the date that the truck is in the area. However, if you have flexibility in your move date, then consider having your belongings be part of a backload shipment.

Check Prohibited Items

Once you have selected your interstate removalist and you know your intended location, obtain from the moving company a list of items which are prohibited for transport. There are two factors which influence the prohibition list. Firstly, there are items which a transport company will not move, such as flammable liquids or chemicals such as paint. Secondly, there are items which are prohibited to cross the border, such as plants and dirty gardening equipment. The list of prohibited items differs between states and territories, so your removalist is the best source of current information.

Essential Items Packing

Finally, as you pack up your home to get ready for the arrival of the interstate removalists, make sure you keep all essential items in a safe place where they will not be accidentally packed. Because you could be without your belongings for up to a week, items such as medication, important documents, jewellery and things your child needs should all travel with you to your intended location rather than on the moving truck. That way if there is any delay in your items being delivered, you are not left without these essential items in your daily life.

To learn more, contact interstate removalists.

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