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Don't Overlook These Details When Designing a Custom Kitchen

Whether you're having a new house built or have decided to tear out your home's current kitchen and rebuild it from the ground up, being able to design a custom kitchen means being able to include all the details that will make cooking and entertaining more enjoyable for you. Creating a custom kitchen design also allows you to add luxury features that aren't necessarily found in standard kitchens, such as a built-in coffee bar or separate cooler for wine and craft beers. While it's fun to indulge in these luxury features, note a few other details that you don't want to overlook when designing a custom kitchen for your home.

Adequate room for trash

Trash bins are probably the least glamorous detail of a custom kitchen, but you don't want to overlook their inclusion! Designing a new kitchen allows you to add adequate room for oversized or wheeled trash and recycle bins, so you don't need to keep removing a full bag or bin throughout the week. Wheeled bins can make quick work of taking those bins to the curb when needed. A trash area in your new kitchen can also hold bags and items like a bin deodorizer, keeping everything organized and at your fingertips.


As with trash bins, ventilation for the kitchen is not very glamorous, but very necessary. Consider your standard cooking habits and the ventilation you might need in your new kitchen. If you fry foods or boil lots of water on the stove, a heavy-duty hood over the range may be a good investment. If you don't have the space for such a hood, have your contractor build a ventilation fan into one wall, just as you would with a bathroom, to vent all that humidity as well as airborne grease and oil.

Display area

A kitchen should have lots of cupboards and cabinets that allow you to hide away your dishes and foodstuffs, but chances are, you might have some items that you actually want to display in the kitchen. This can add style and personality to a kitchen space, making it seem more homey and inviting and less industrial. Consider adding room in your new kitchen for displaying serving platters, holiday dishware, your nice wine glasses, fun coffee mugs or even a collection of cookbooks. Designing a kitchen allows you to create shelving that is perfectly sized and located for these pieces. Add lighting and whatever else is needed to really show them off!

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