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3 Ways To Add Subtle Highlights To A Monochromatic Room

Monochromatic rooms are a continually popular choice for homeowners in Australia. It's an elegant, contemporary and refined style that looks great in any room of the house and in any style or vintage of home. The fundamental principle of a monochromatic style is finding a neutral base colour, such as grey, blue or white, and then using slightly darker or lighter variations of the same tone throughout the entire room.

If you like the basic concept of a monochromatic palette but you also want to add some visual interest and pattern into the room, then you can still achieve this without straying too far away from the basic principles. Here are three ways that you can add some subtle highlights to your new monochromatic room.

1. Add patterned blinds

Blinds are a great window dressing option. They're simple, have sleek lines and provide a high level of functionality, privacy and light control. They're also a great way to unobtrusively add pattern and flair to a pared-down, monochromatic room.

Add roller blinds or Roman blinds with a soft and muted print that ties in with your base colour. Botanical prints work well, and horizontal stripes are also making a big resurgence in the interior design fashion stakes.

2. Add textured textiles

Another great way to enhance and enliven a monochromatic colour palette is to add textiles that have a variety of different textural finishes to the room. These can be cushions, throw rugs, table or bed linen, curtains or floor rugs.

These additions will visually break up the expanse of flat colour on the walls, floor and ceiling in an understated but effective way. You can use different fabrics for this purpose, such as silk, wool, cotton and leather. Patterned and textured fabrics also work well for this design goal.

3. Add reflective ornaments

The monochromatic look is most successfully achieved when coupled with a minimalist approach to adding ornamentation. However, this doesn't mean that you need to have a stark and featureless room. Picking a small, carefully chosen selection of reflective ornaments can go a long way in creating a stylish and interesting look.

Reflective items made from metals, crystal, glass and mirrored tiles will refract the light and tones from the room, mirroring the monochromatic palette in a new and eye-catching way. They'll also add a little dazzle, personality and shine into what is generally a predominantly matte room.

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