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Why Upgrade Your Home's Windows?

If you're looking to make some improvements to your home, you want to consider more than just cosmetic changes. A fresh coat of paint inside or out can make a home look better, but it may do little else to actually improve the home's energy efficiency, insulation and so on. A better choice for improving your home might be to replace the home's current windows with double-glazed or even triple-glazed panes. Note a few reasons why you might consider upgrading your home's windows and why this can be the best choice for how to spend your home improvement dollars.


One of the most obvious benefits of double-glazed windows is temperature insulation. The trapped air or argon gas that is between those panes of glass prevent outside temperatures from affecting the inside temperatures, so you'll have less heat and cold getting into the home.

However, double-glazed and triple-glazed panes also help to keep out humidity during warm summer months. This can be very important for those who live in humid areas. Humidity in the home is uncomfortable and can damage timber flooring, cause mildew to grow under carpeting and even allow for mould growth behind the walls. Excessive moisture can also attract pests that are often after a water source, and they may find it in your house if there is lots of humidity trapped in the walls or under floorboards!

With added insulation from new windows, not only are you more comfortable, but the home is also protected from potential damage.


Double-glazed windows block heat and cold, but they also block noise! In addition to stopping sound from coming into your home, these windows can also be stronger against rattling during a storm. If you live in an area with high winds or that is prone to thunderstorms, hurricanes and the like, this added glazing can help keep the home quieter overall.

Increased value

Improving your home's appearance may or may not improve its value, as a home's value is often affected by its energy efficiency, safety and other such factors. However, new windows can increase a home's insulating factors while also improving its appearance. Updated window frames in a crisp white vinyl can make a home's interior and exterior look fresh and new, or you might choose a classic aluminium frame for your new windows to coordinate with the home's aluminium siding. Since your home will then look better while also being better insulated, you may very well increase its overall value with your new double-glazed or triple-glazed windows.

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