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Benefits of Wrought Iron Safety Doors Over Glass Safety Doors

Safety doors are an additional security measure that helps to keep intruders away from your house. Since most of them are transparent, you can see the person on the other side before letting them in. Some of the materials used to make safety doors include wrought iron and glass. While both of them can serve the same purpose, below are various reasons why it is better to have wrought iron safety doors than glass safety doors.

Strength and ability to withstand external forces

Wrought iron is very strong, and this makes it an ideal material when you want to create a barrier to keep away intruders. Compared to this, the strength and durability of glass safety doors are significantly lower. This is because they can be made of strengthened glass, but after some time, they become weak. Suppose an intruder watches your movement and attempts to break into your home when nobody is around. If they have a sledgehammer, they can hammer at the glass safety door and after some time it will develop cracks and give way. However, wrought iron is tough, and even after hammering away for several hours, it will still be impossible for the intruder to gain access to your home.

Cannot be stained

It is possible to stain glass surfaces, which blocks the vision of those inside the house. In this case, you might have to open the safety door so that you can see the person on the other side. Additionally, most of these stains are permanent, and once your safety door is stained, you have no option but to purchase another replacement. This is impossible when you are using wrought iron safety doors since any stains on them cannot affect your visibility. As such, you always have a clear vision and can decide whether or not to open the door.

Aesthetic value

Wrought iron can be fabricated into hundreds of designs, making it perfect if you have a preference for aesthetic appeal. It can also be painted in different colours, which will enable it to match with the external walls of your house. When you decide to choose glass safety doors, there are limited designs you can choose from.

Always make use of multiple security features to increase the level of security of your home. If you are not expecting any visitors, you should start by using the peephole to find out who is knocking before you open any doors.

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