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Choosing the Right Style and Material for French Doors

French doors can add some elegance and style to your home's patio area, and they also allow for more fresh air circulation than standard glass sliding doors, since you can open both French doors completely. As with other entryway or patio doors, there may be more styles and materials of French doors available than you expect, so note a few tips on how to choose the right option for your home, so you know you're happy with that choice for years to come.

Full panes versus grilles

Grilles refers to small pieces of wood that run through a large pane of glass, making it look as if the French doors are made with lots of smaller glass panes. These grilles can obscure the view through the doors, giving you some privacy from neighbours. They also offer a more traditional look than full, uninterrupted panes of glass.

However, it can be difficult to clean the doors when they have grilles installed, as you would then need to wipe down all the grilles themselves, as they tend to allow dust and dirt to settle on their surface. You also might not want to obscure your view to the outside area; a full pane of glass can mean a better view of your backyard or even the sunset! Adding roller shades or curtains over the inside of the doors can provide privacy when needed, and be put out of the way when you want that uninterrupted view.


Aluminium doors are very lightweight and durable, and need virtually no maintenance over time, but wood frames will give the doors a more traditional and cosy look. If you have pets, you might also want a large section of trim at the bottom of the door, to avoid nose prints and paw prints from showing on the glass. When choosing a colour for the trim, note both your interior and exterior features; opt for a tone that complements outside patio pavers and your interior furniture.


French doors are often chosen because of their appearance, and you can enhance that appearance with oversized and very noticeable hardware. Choose large handles in a scrolling design rather than plain knobs, or something square and straight but still very large for a modern look. Opt for oversized hinge plates and faces that attach to the door and the home's walls, for more eye-catching appeal. The face of the deadbolt of the doors can also be oversized, for more visual interest and an attractive door style that really stands out.

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