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3 Types of Flowers That Will Help Spice Up Your Vegetable Garden

Most people have the misguided belief that creating a flower garden is as simple as just putting seeds in the soil, but it's not. It's advisable to do some research on the climate and soil of your locale before choosing the right flowers for your garden. A vegetable garden should primarily feature vegetables. However, you can add a few flowers to spice up the appearance and also for the benefits they bring to the ecosystem. Here are the three types of flowers that you should consider adding to your vegetable garden and their benefits.

The Pot Marigold

One of the best flowers to add to a vegetable garden is the pot marigold. It is a short shrub that produces yellow flowers, which will perfectly brighten up the garden. Also, the flower has medicinal properties that you will find very useful in your daily activities. Many people who use it believe it can alleviate symptoms of certain health issues like ulcers, herpes, ulcers, acne, and frostbite. The plant will also benefit your vegetables because it is excellent in repelling insects. You can either grow the flower from seedlings or buy it from a florist or supplier. Either way, it will be a great ornamental addition to your vegetable garden.

Starflower or Borage

Borage produces beautiful purple, star-shaped blossoms, and it's ideal if you need to increase pollination in your garden. The flower naturally attracts bees and wasps to itself. You can plant it close to strawberries when you want them to get a unique flavour. Like the pot marigold, you can choose to either get the starflower seedlings and plant them indoors for several weeks or get the actual flowers and plant them outdoors. 

Mexican Marigolds

If you are not a fan of the pot marigold, you can try the Mexican marigold. It is a shorter shrub than the other variety, and like the pot marigold, it is excellent in repelling pests. Usually, it's ideal for cabbage patches because it repels cabbage worms. In addition, it produces the most beautiful yellow flower blossoms. It can also work quite well if you plant it close to cabbage, broccoli or Brussel sprouts. The flowers typically bloom between spring and fall, which makes your garden beautiful most of the year. 

Beautifying your vegetable garden with flowers is exciting, but it can sometimes be tricky if you don't know the flower species to use. That's why it's advisable to consult with a local florist because they know the flower varieties that make vegetable gardens more beautiful. The florist will help you choose flowers that will do well in your garden soil and make your vegetable garden beautiful and functional.

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