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Two Affordable Ways to Make Your Walk-In Wardrobe Look Better

If the interior of your walk-in wardrobe is very drab and unappealing, here are some cheap and fun ways to make this piece of your home look much more pleasing to the eye.

Add ambient lighting

First and foremost, you should upgrade the wardrobes' lighting. If, like many walk-in wardrobes, yours has just one overhead bulb in it, you may notice that this light casts shadows over the shelves, rails and clothing and gives the wardrobe's interior a gloomy atmosphere.

There are several inexpensive ways to improve the lighting in this space. For example, you can buy stick-on, battery-powered LED spotlights for a few dollars each and place them on the undersides of the cubby holes inside the wardrobe. Ideally, these lights should be warm rather than cool-toned, as the latter is what you'll need to create that inviting, cosy glow. These lights will provide a soft light that will illuminate the accessories or garments you store here in a flattering way (whilst still being bright enough to allow you to find what you need).

You can also buy a few strands of fairy lights and line them up along the edges of the longer shelving units and wardrobe rails. These twinkling lights will offset the dreariness of the light from the overhead bulb and give this room-like wardrobe a dreamy atmosphere. Lastly, you could get a small LED letter-light set and hang this up on one of the wall spaces inside the wardrobe. These are quite affordable and could be a fun way to use light to make the space your own (as you can pick up individual letter lights and put them together to create your favourite word or saying).

Do some wallpapering

Another slightly more time-consuming but equally economical way to jazz up your walk-in wardrobe is to add wallpaper to the backs of the cubby holes and the areas where the rails are. You can pick up a roll of pretty wallpaper, some paste and wallpapering tools for very little. Adding beautiful wallpaper will make this space feel more like a glamorous dressing room, rather than just a slightly larger-than-average wardrobe, and will add a bit of character to the plain shelving units and cubby holes.

If you decide to do this, make sure you remove absolutely everything from the wardrobe first, as even when you're wallpapering one cubby hole, you may end up splattering wallpaper paste onto the adjacent cubby spaces. If there is any clothing or accessories in these areas, you'll have a hard time removing this sticky paste from them.

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