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Two steps to take if you'll be having your wedding in your home

If your nuptials are going to take place in your home, you might be interested in the tips described here.

Send the florist photos of your home interior and garden along with a written description of the property

Flowers are a must for any wedding but are particularly important for any ones which are being held in residential properties, which may lack the overt grandeur and beauty of other, more traditional wedding venues. As such, you will need to order plenty of them for your wedding. After you have found a suitable florist, you should contact them and send them clear photos of both your home interior and the garden, along with a written description of your home, which includes the dimensions of the areas that you'll be decorating with flowers, such as the length of the bannister around which you want to wrap some fresh garlands and the width of the mantle on which you want to put a floral spray.

The photos are just as important as the description, even if the latter is highly detailed. The reason for this is that the florist will suggest certain floral arrangements and flower varieties, based on a combination of your own preferences and the information you provide about your home's interior and garden.

Because your written description of what your house and garden look like will be subjective, it may not be entirely accurate, and if there are no photos accompanying this description, it may give the florist the wrong impression of the property, which may then lead to them recommending flowers that are unsuitable. By giving them photos that clearly show the colour scheme, style, proportions, and layout of the house, there will be no danger of any misinterpretations occurring that might hinder the florist's ability to recommend the perfect wedding flowers for your property. Speak with a florist for more information. 

Consider putting some unneeded household items into storage units

If there is any furniture, bulky household gadgets, sports equipment or other items which will not be needed when you are preparing for or having your wedding in the house, then it might be sensible to put these things in some storage units.

This will achieve the following; firstly, it will give you more space with which to create dedicated areas for the dancefloor, the buffet table and the drinks bar. You won't then have to worry about bumping into a table when having your first dance or about spilling a cocktail on your furniture.

Secondly, having fewer mundane household objects in the areas of your home that will be used for the wedding will (when paired with plenty of beautiful decorations) make the house and garden feel more like a 'real' wedding venue, rather than a makeshift one.

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