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Steps to Making Sure Your Roses Last Longer

If you properly care for cut roses, you'll see significant differences in how long they last. Using a rose delivery service for any occasion results in delight, which means you should prolong the joy longer with some simple tips.

Clean the vase thoroughly before placing the roses in them

Unless you regularly receive flowers, your vase is likely gathering dust between uses. Unfortunately, dust isn't the only substance it's attracting. Your vase is likely home to bacteria and viruses, some of which will harm your roses. To give them the best start in life, clean your vase with mild soap and warm water before allowing it to air dry. Using a towel may introduce more bacteria, which makes air drying superior.

Provide them with plenty of water

It's common knowledge know that cut flowers need water to thrive. However, many people will either overfill their vase or provide an inadequate amount of water. As a rule, you should fill your vase two-thirds full to keep your roses happy. Consider removing leaves gently if the bouquet is too wide for your vase. Maintain your water levels to ensure the petals remain perky and colourful as long as possible.

Maintain a stable pH balance 

You don't need scientist-level skills to maintain a stable pH balance in your roses' water. Instead, you should supplement them with sugary flower food, which dissolves harmful bubbles and brings your tap water to a stable pH level. One sachet is usually enough for a litre of water, so purchase more from a florist if your vase is especially large.

Situate your vase in the right environment

Resist the temptation to place your vase in an area where it will receive direct sunlight for most of the day. Doing so subjects the flowers to heat, which means they'll draw water in rapidly and deteriorate faster. Similarly, avoid placing them close to radiators or electrical appliances that generate a lot of heat. Although roses need small amounts of sunlight and warmth, too much is bad for their health.

Although you don't need to watch over your roses throughout the day, they will need some attention. Check them every two to three days to ensure the water level is correct and remove foliage that seems unnecessary. Changing water that's cloudy and nourishing your flowers with flower food is also necessary. With a few simple steps, the roses you love so much will last longer.

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