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Tips to Keep Your Garden Cooler

In the blazing Australian summer, you might not really get to enjoy your garden in the way that you would like. If you find yourself seeking the shelter of air-conditioning inside more than being outside, then you are certainly not alone! However, there are a number of steps that you can take to make your garden more conducive to being enjoyed even when the sun is directly overhead. Read on to discover how many garden designers are making their outdoor areas cooler these days.

Fit Shade Sails

Popular in parks and school playgrounds, shade sails are equally as suited to a domestic garden. These structures can be manufactured to a specific design that will fit hand-in-glove with your existing garden layout. For a bespoke design, consider going to a shade sail company with experience of making these helpful structures in various configurations. However, it is also possible to choose from a wide range of ready-made designs which are appropriate for most homes. If your plot is exposed, then ensure the material for the sail is robust and made from an anti-rip fabric that can withstand high wind speeds.

Install a Mist Cooling System

Nowadays, mist cooling systems comes in various formats. Among the most popular type of cooling devices are those which resemble portable air-conditioning unit. You can mount them on a flat lawn or a patio so long as you have an electrical supply nearby. Essentially, these devices shift back and forth spraying a fine mist of water into the air in front of them. As you pass by, you will get covered in a cooling spray. However, even further away their cooling effect can be felt because they help to lower the local air temperature. Some need to be supplied with water from a hose connection while others are available with an internal reservoir that you simply top up every few hours.

Replace Fences With Trellises

If your garden is fenced off at the sides, then you will diminish the amount of airflow that you feel when you are outdoors. Gardens with fences of three sides can feel stifling in the summer. To allow more air to move through the garden, take down your fence panels. Leave the posts in place and put trellis panels in place of the fencing you have removed. This will still afford a good amount of privacy from your neighbours but provide you with a greater level of cooling breeze that will make your garden more enjoyable to sit in.

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