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Trends You Could Deliberate On When Selecting Custom Made Doors

When moving into a new house, the doors are probably the last thing on your mind. Most people will focus on the finish of the house, paint colour choices, exterior cladding and other structural and aesthetic elements. However, although the doors are designed to function primarily as entryways, their large size also plays a role in giving your residence its personality. Additionally, old doors that have cracks or have started to warp could negatively influence the energy efficiency of the property, which increases your electricity costs. For these reasons, you may need to consider installing new doors. This article will enlighten you on some of the popular trends that you could deliberate on when selecting custom made doors for your home.

Custom barn doors

If your primary theme is a rustic, cottage-style home, custom barn door would be a great addition to your property. A huge benefit of these doors is they are quite large, so they allow for maximum ventilation in the house when the temperatures rise. This feature is quite advantageous in Australia during the summer when the weather can be scorching. Secondly, no other doors provide quite a country charm as custom barn doors do. So if you are looking for a unique appearance, these solid wood doors would be right up your alley!

Custom pocket doors

Contrary to popular belief, custom doors do not exclusively have to be large and bulky. If you have limited floor space in your home, pocket doors would be a logical option for your needs. These doors work particularly well in areas that do not have much room for swing doors such as a small bathroom, a closet or even a small entry hallway. The pocket doors are designed to allow for back-to-back access, which works to facilitate a smoother transition from one room to another. Moreover, since they are built to suit the space available to you, homeowners can be assured that the pocket doors will always fit without reducing the floor space in the residence.

Custom French doors

Individuals who are looking to add some more depth to their living space by increasing natural light into their home would be advised to consider custom French doors. There has been a surge in the popularity of these doors in recent years as more homeowners gravitate toward indoor-outdoor living in their home. Custom French doors will be especially serviceable if you already have a deck or patio in place, as they will increase your living space when they are fully open. 

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