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4 Preparatory Guidelines To Pack An Antique Vase For Storage

Planning a home renovation? Or perhaps you're moving away temporarily? Either way, you'll need to find a way to store all the items in your home, including your antique flower vase handed down in your family for generations. An antique vase is delicate and needs careful packing steps to ensure you don't end up breaking it. Follow these preparatory guidelines to pack an antique vase for storage.

Stuff The Inside Of The Vase With Soft Packing Paper

You'll want to ensure that no sharp objects enter the antique vase in the packing and moving process to the storage unit, so the best thing to do is to stuff the inside of the vase with soft packing paper. This protects the interiors and ensures no objects can damage the vase.

Use Bubble Wrap To Protect The Exterior Of The Vase  

While you've protected the interiors with soft packing paper, you'll also want to ensure that the exterior is adequately protected from any damage in the moving process. Use layers bubble wrap to cover the vase and make sure it stays intact with tape. Bubble wrap can easily be picked up from any stationery story. Alternatively, some home improvement stores have boxes and bubble wrap that can be picked up without any charge.

Place The Vase In A Thick, Cardboard Box

Before sending the antique vase off to the storage unit, make sure you place it in a thick, cardboard box of its own with nothing else inside to prevent any damage to your priceless possession. Once you place the vase into the box, fill it up with more packing paper so that it remains snug inside and doesn't move around at all. You can also use loose-fill packing peanuts if you like, but packing or newspaper will also do the trick. The idea of using this paper or peanuts is to cushion and protect the vase during transport to the storage centre.

Place A Fragile Mark On The Box

All the care you've taken to pack the antique vase will go in vain if the movers don't know what is fragile and what isn't during transportation. Make sure you place a fragile mark on the box, and identify it as an important antique heirloom so that the movers take extra precautions when hauling it from your home to the truck and ultimately into the storage unit.

Antique items need extra care, so follow these preparatory guidelines to prevent any damage to your precious family heirloom.  

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